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tion, when the tongue is narrow and pointed ; profuse menstrua-

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be taken, nothing but a cup of well-sweetened black coffee. Then

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and hysteria, all when due to uterine irritation. Briefly, vibur-

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1898. Cohen, Solomon Solis, 1525 Walnut St., Philadelphia.

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be remembered that it is a derivative of morphine. One of its

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ing a diagnosis of acute infective appendicitis when our attention

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Sambucus increases the functional activity of the excretory

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The standard of healthy excretion by skin, kidneys and bowels

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One wir.eglassful is equal to one and one-half fluid ounces.

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This treatment has been ])ersisted in until the present

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is distinctly broken up into remissions and exacerbations, and

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Myrica cerifera is stimulant, alterative, diuretic, astringent

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ance with the assumption that it is spread by contact, would be

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Indications. — Irritation or inflammation of the bladder, pros-

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Thanks. — Our thanks are due, and are hereby tendered,

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strengthens the heart-muscle, slows cardiac action, increases the

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business, injured credit, and crippled science in all its de-

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of diphtheria and tetanus treated, but the other immune sera are

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petite is completely lost, there is but little hope for recovery.

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To the educated touch the pulse gives most valuable informa-

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in monkeys for four years, were successfully inoculated upon rhesus

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this, and just when to give it. I give it internally to check sup-

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a marked torpor of the nervous system, ordinarily charac-

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of cases wrongs of excretion are dependent upon changes in gen-

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To ascertain if the hyperaemie condition of the liver has

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cutaneous administration of saline solution is now established