Aldactone Versus Cardura

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than once a day. It adds considerably to the work of the physician and to
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sympathetically affected it must be given by the rectum; otherwise by
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test, they should be killed and the stable cleaned and disinfected, same as
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Bittles, of New Castle, was a strong ally of Dr. Porter in the fight.
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EvolxUion. They are frequent if not constant in embryo, and
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in strength and dose. The size of the dose must be regulated for
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have ever been influenced by the predominant thoughts and dis-
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Trochanter Major — Excision of the ends of the bone — Death from
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that there is absolutely no competition between the med-
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hardly be said that it is contraindicated in all cases of hypersecretion.
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with the above he is now sound, his Jieels having spread over one
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get good action, even then, by giving it in small doses, repeated. I get
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No matter in which form the catarrh manifests itself, diarrhoea or
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Alkalies. — In case of severe heartburn we use alkalies, to be more
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lodion restored our hopes of success. We will in a few words
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sentences which, to a diseased imagination, savor of the sensa-
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to Dr. Constantine Ilering's "Concise View of the Rise and Progress of
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by packs should be started. If there are no conveniences for a hot bath,
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curring in these cases, not as a new variety, but as an
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when boiling the hose was attached and the steaming continued
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Resolved, That we acknowledge our most profound thanks to our colleague
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piece of rubber tubing with a clamp suffices for closing. The rubber
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gical treatment for them. Yet for the following reasons their
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for the guinea pig. This amount is injected intracutaneously on the
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partition, provided an opening is established between
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In the next case the delirium was the first symptom. There have
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Potency of Crude Drugs. Crude drugs vary greatly in their
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you do your colleagues and community a well-deserved favor in
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than the above and hence are usually combined with cocaine, are credited
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appropriate exercises on March 23d at 2 o'clock in the college auditorium.
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Adams. He was unanimously elected to succeed Prof. R. S. Huidekoper.
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toI(^ical rooms, the party found the students asembled, who re-
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relief. The horse arrived apparently very much distressed,
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I next tried it on four eight-months-old pigs; I lost the first
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they must be di%'ided by a cutting instrument. By making an opening
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vanization can be used instead, with two plate electrodes applied as in
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bear out the theory of either Drs. Merillat or Quitman. In 1891, while I