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porary infantile paralysis, myelitis, and hemiplegia.

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period of perfusion, save for samples removed for analysis.

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Prognosis.— The prognosis is the same as in hysteria, and far more favor-

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by refreshing sleep. In the cold stage, he applies a large blister over

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after the seventh injection the patient suffered from a fleeting congestive feeling

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The striae disappear only after great reduction in size. The interstitial

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Atrophy of the brain ultimately involves the medulla, implicates the

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The gastro-enteric and cold or algid varieties of pernicious fever closely

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Cysts (independent of cystic developments from echinococci, etc., etc.)

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thesis prior to the occurrence of the hemorrhage. Whether the hemophilia

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tween the bacterial cell and its environment, and that this discrepancy

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to the absence of a nucleus containing a large amount of nucleoprotein

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Dog 7.— Weight 8.5 kilos. 24 cc. of a bouillon culture of pneumococci were

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mg.), two tadpoles in Series A and one in Series B were dead. In

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the different control liquids. It consisted of a gradual fall. The

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but it is unrefreshing. The patient awakes in the morning with a con-

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taffeoosly applied to the internal fauces and pharynx.

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