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clear leukocytes. With most strains no growth, or very scanty

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cells, but do not penetrate into the living tissues, and for the time being-

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and more intense precordial pain, only slightly reheved by

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gow. Philadelphia : Henry C. Lea's Sons & Co., Publishers.

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saline solution and 0.5 ml of the erythrocyte suspension.

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paroxysms, the vesicular sound being very faint or entirely obscured. The

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which time the wound was quite closed. No untoward symptom

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adjusted by the use of M/15 citric acid and disodium


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which it is produced and distributed. For grades used in the Army,

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pneumonia. In some of these, at least, pneumonia was determined in a

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Gastro-intestinal complications of different kinds occur. Some degree

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or a character has been acquired ; it may indicate something of the

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complained, as always, of weakness, dyspnea, orthopnea, and

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degrees, a power which has been specially conferred upon Boston

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compressed to form the septa, as are the cells above to form the cover of

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the meaning of it. He informed me that he had fits, that he

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But as the primary symptoms of typhus subside, as shown by

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and embodies the most recent and advanced views on the subject

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The curve, Fig. 11, based on the returns for London of the Eegistrar-

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Not until 1830 did it become diffused over South America.

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extraction of the N 2 . The CO and most of the C0 2 of

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tion of the lung. Eesolution then corresponds to homologous repair, induration to

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tion occupied by Dr. Eliphalet Clark in the city of Portland, Me., and in relation to

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in its nature, although we are obliged to admit that the bacteriology

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Klebs-Loffler bacillus; whilst in tetanus there is an infection with

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sation with bacteria (or their products) then is specific. Again, if a

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required to protect against the B. coli. The effect produced by immuni-

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read. A test is recorded as "complete" agglutination when the

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given. Puncture of the spleen to obtain the bacillus is more likely to give

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These figures may be exaggerated, but the fact suffices that

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wrists of the gown. All should be constantly on the lookout to

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The eyelids should be poulticed, or kept covered with cold compresses,

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twenty-five years since. A. McNeil, M. D., who has written a

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white or yellowish fur, and in most cases remains moist throughout the

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as attenuated smallpox virus. The success of vaccination is unquestion-

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be deferred for as long as 1 hour if the solutions are kept

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recommended where salmonella organisms (exclusive of

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of unknown solutions is used to calculate concentrations.

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hemolyzed sheep's corpuscles are mixed as indicated

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room, the temperature of which should be kept at about 60° F. There

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