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gave some relief; and transitory ease w^as obtained from opium. Cooling

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lation resulting from the chewing and swallowing of any

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intervals, so that it felt to the finger like a fine hard string of pearls. This

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In papers read before the Ninth International Medical

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The edges of the wound were brought together by four stitches from before

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From the Author. — Thoughts on Medical Education in America. An

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greater emergency nature of the drug than in case of

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Tract. Pp. 841, 3 vols. Price $15.00. Philadelphia and

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growth by extension from an endometrial adenocarcinoma

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The introduction of a seton in the treatment of naevus operates by stirring

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of "red" blood for twenty years. No cough, except when she has a cold,

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hyosciamus, and an evacuant injection containing vinegar and salt. These

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that occasionally the temperature is found to be more elevated.

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months that a child is wearing a plaster cast, he or she is

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and Treatment of Diseases of the Ear. By William Kramer. Second

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is not new, what is new is not good. Manipulations and move-

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who may wish to enter either the imperial, naval, military or

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