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Foods are usually classified according to certain definite com-

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fibers nearer to the lining epithelium show less evidences

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Face : extensive lupus of face healing i-apidly under thyroid

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Wusterhausen, etc.), but an installation of which can now be seen in

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if we were not inadvertently crippled by overly passionate responses.

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M. Corwin, A.M., M.D., Demonstrator of Physical Diagnosis in Rush Medical College, Attend-

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regulations hitherto observed in medicine, to give gratu-

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come from small beginnings. Nothing ever was, or ever will be, ab-

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tered under the charge of Dr. J. Da Costa, one of the

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Graves records the case of a chemist who had chorea when he was seventy,

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mentioning. One of the subjects was a bullock-jobber,

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or two applications of the nitrate of silver stick. In the case of old

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it seems to be better still the baby has not improved.

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pression of the visual image. Tr. Am. Opbtb. Soc, Hart-

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cause symptoms of renal colic, because it was too large to pass through the ureter.

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culty encountered in collecting doctor's bills, and

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original estimates of the relative merits of cholecystectomy and

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one drachm was exhibited night and morning, without any sensible effect.

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correction for reading and daily or constant use. For a year

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May 17, 1913, about six weeks after this pellagrin arrived, the father-

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limited to the extremities. Trousseau describes instances in whicli the face

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met with, but cases have been recorded in which there was no trace of

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It now remains for me to say a few words concerning treatment. First,

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but apparently it is an advance in the right direction.

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the nervous relationship between the genital organs and the

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sedative to the irritated cardiac and arterial nerves and

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Fractures according to their form. — Fissured or linear fractures, as

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going to demonstrate to you this afternoon. I have under observation

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Encourage catharsis with compound jalap powder (gr. xx-

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derful the more we know of it. Some of the most dis-

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