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cessary to enable us to form a just appreciation of theories and prin-
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five, who died from chronic interstitial nephritis, with small
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them. See Resource Director/ and Visuals in the Appendix for information on ordering teaching
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Let the vegetable and gruel doctors reflect on this! — Ed. Rec.
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beings. It is as much their duty to furnish such facilities as may
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Eckel RH. Nonsurgical management of obesity in adults. N Engl J. Med. 358:1941-50, 2008.
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Guerre, et visent à promouvoir une conception humanitaire : l'intérêt social ne justifie
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Session 5: Moving to Stay Healthy I Educator's Guide
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with a high temperature, as well as a bad strangulated hernia ;
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of the hard and soft palate on the right side, and was as
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country. Epidemics were more severe than they had been known for
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and regular in shape. The left one contained a great number of
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from defective methods adopted for the closure of abdominal
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Binding : Millboards, covered calf, gilt-tooled edges and panelled back, marbled
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Remarks : For another copy, see Brit. Mus. Cat. p. 569 a.
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lution of heat. It reached even as high as 1 1 1 Q Fahrenheit. —
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dpa to re Sevrepov, kui to rpirov, direp ovk Iqttiv evddSe.-. | VF [monogram of Victor Falconius,
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(gT- i); by means of a half-ounce syringe, which it will be
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Cushman WC, Ford CE, Cutler JA, Margolis KL, Davis BR, Grimm RH, Black HR, Hamilton BP, Holland J,
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début de l'expérience; il doit être maintenu tout au long de celle-ci, ce qui amène deux
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in which suppuration had been free, were shown at the Clinical
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from adjoining streets, and, occasionally, two cases came in
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.nutriment. I never do so. After the third or fourth day of fever, I
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conclusion that the differences between the two are those of
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Naval Surgeons — Their Grievances* — To cool the unreflec-
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copceian simples. 4, 6 v°. left blank is closely written over. 5, 1 r°. and v°. contains a list of
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Arderonn hanc [struck out] hoc [above] opusculum composui | de Judicijs Vrinarum per colores
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well to use the soft bougies at the beginning of the treatment,
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ceived into the Bicetre. — Brit, and For. Med. Rev. y from Gazette des
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Ends (11, 1 v°. col. b, lines 29, 30) : viuet annis 83 I Explicit [underlined red]
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has conferred are at all comparable to those he will in future be-
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No one denies, that suchderangments of function are observed in
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so remarkable, as well as a portion of that keen sense of what is
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a later hand above : In my begynnynge god be my good speade | in grace and vertue well to
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the recommendation of being at once accessible and easily used."
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24. Edward I. (?) Register of Royal Letters : [Fragments.]
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probenecid (benemid) is used with penicillin
wall is applied to the placenta ; its muscular fibres are
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Lectures on the Diagnosis, Pathology, and Treatment of the Dis-
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illuminated headpieces, rubrics, gilt margins, some leaves are tinted pink.
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piratory organs, — the consequence of disease, of a sedentary life, or of
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unfavourable conditions, as is so often the case with large
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by violent pain in the epigastrium ; fever ; enlarged pancreas
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signatures, or pagination, few marginalia, first few folios slightly wormholed in lower
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(like that on 1, 1.) four lines of the Nunc dimittis, the alphabet (in capitals, two styles), four