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veratrum viride, or carbolic acid, without the written prescrip-

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enlisted in the Medical Reserve Corps with the rank of first lieutenant,

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the left side, the left lower jaw is larger than its fellow, the teeth are

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different parts of the body. Rigidity of the limbs is common.

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woman's foot is one-ninth -her full height. Her full develop-

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hours is the best interval. The Continental law requires that

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treatment, 888; for professional supervision of convalescents, 898; 448

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undisturbed until a coroner or a medical examiner has in-

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rich in carbon, such as crude naphtha. The intense heat of the

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concentration of salt [see Chick, 1913]. After dialysis for nine days, as

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tion was so slow and slight as not to dim a looking-glass.

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attached fragments had any influence upon the character of the cocoon.

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Bind). Die Symptome dieser Krankheit sind 1'olgende: Die Vogel, die am

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consist of thirty weeks. Unless certain conditions can be met it is very

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has concerned itself wholly, or even partly, with the field of the

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(3) Suzuki, Shimamura and Odake. Bioch. Ztscli. p. 89. 1912.

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i- m nthesised by the bacteria of which the faeces consisted to a con-

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a fetid vaginal discharge, or by symptoms of septic infection.

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tainin fehlt, ersieht man daraus, dass, wenn zum Reis nur ein wenig

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ing, had a slight growth-promoting effect in hypophysectomized

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increased, the viscosity falls rapidly. This is seen in Table II, where, in

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sind, deren Untersucbung leider nocb kaum angefangen ist, Scbaumann

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desiring women resort. They are not all equally efficacious.

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plans which affect collegiate and professional training, and which must

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tion of the abortionist with his patron's death is generally

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is an example of death by asphyxia or apnea. If the reader

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proper sanitary precautions. Mutual masturbation has also been

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tem and each fixture such as sink, water closet, urinal, etc.,

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On 16 March '12 after 131 days in Incubator 93 Dry, 2 cocoons were opened and

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signed to amuse its patients. It is equipped with all the devices

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twenty-four inches. The X-Ray diaphragm shadows in four-

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Priorities and Pitfalls in Radiologic Diagnosis of Soft-Tissue Trauma

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principal contributions to medical literature appear in the medical jour-

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