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of Scottish country life. Of such was the Prophet of Bethelnie,

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cobacteria resulting in a lower than normal incidence of

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dryness of the skin, itching, flatulence, flushing of the cheeks,

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wliicli h:i9 l)cen add(>«.l ii little glycerine nnd chloride

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breadths above the umbihcu.s and was filled with colorless

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Eely on digitalis alone ? Yes, if you be sure you want nothing but

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wide its arms throughout the length and the breadth of the whole

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Head and strobila of dwarf infections productive of pronounccd symptoms.

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was allowed to conthiue undisturbed, many individuals sickened

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possible to distend the bowel below it with water in such a

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But regulation and social policy is often inconsistent

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sion ; consequently the sling should be fastened to the

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slight, that it has been born living; and the amount of proof to satisfy the

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he considered not as light as Columbia blue, but as blue, and

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you are bound, by Article 20G (Xo. 1) of the Cousolidated^Geueral Order,

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However, much to our sorrow, clean milk has not solved the many prob-

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xviii, 381: 401.— Brown (H. E.) The influence of the

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into two large classes. The first class would comprise

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Schuft's operation— premising an iridectomy as above, and

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During the entire experiment the mouth temperature re-

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with instruments, splints, lint and bandages. He hurried olf accordingly,

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hind the retina, and consequentiy perfect vision was not

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M.D., 150 E. First St., Fond du Lac; telephone 291 and

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are destroyed, unless the patient be a born left-handed person. Extensive

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teasp.)— bottles of tOO ml and 16 oz (1 pint). Suspension (40 mg trimethoprim and 200 mg sulfamethoxa-

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and, at the same time, refusing to admit the existence of enteric fever,

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Arriving now at the surgery of this Age, we find that