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water turbid. No one doubts that carbonic acid gas is
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patches in the liver. Other viscera normal. It is just possible that this case
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Meat once a day, with an occasional egg, will be found not only not
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reports fourteen cataracts and four iridectomies treated
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1S66) the average rates for the two groups were 24 and 18 per
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deteriorating renal function, persistent fever ranging from
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writer^ name and address, not necessarily for publication. No at-
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Misce : fiat haustus, quaque hora adhibendus in actu effervescentiae
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contraction of the muscles, i.e., in state of activity, the
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especially directed to the condition of the digestive
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Aub and Probst, Statistischer Bericlrt iiber die Influenza in Miinchen, 1889-1890,
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the difference between that of health and sickness. The pupils of
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minor and rarer forms of obstruction to labor. In the very
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Dr Bourne was led to make trial of uva urjt in pulmonary
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death. I should operate as I did, enucleating the subserous tumor,
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health, the glucose of the blood is consumed mainly in the tissue-cells,
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axilla. The first step in the operation consisted in bringing to
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certain definite facts are indicated which have somo
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In the treatment of the ordinary ease we have, then, three
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No. 40. Knapp (P. C.) The pathology, diagnosis, and
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spaces cannot be reached by incisions along the line of
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pendent of every vasomotor phenomenon ; or, on the other hand, as