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Some interesting subjects were brought forward at the

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Hand: Place the hand, palm up, on the triangle, ends of the

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which is most likely to be at hand, and which can not injure in any quantity or strength in which it

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Hon. Paul J. Jaroscak, Judge of Municipal Court, Minneapolis

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they must be made to work in co-operation ; several to help

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dehorned cattle, the hald-headed man, and the eyeless lisli are

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Prussia in 1832. and was graduated from Gicssen Uni-

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(the result of their joint discoveries to that period.) —

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production of scientific illustrations. This paper pro-

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schools are intended primarily for the low and middle classes,

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some water-proof material, with a reservoir above the bed supplied with

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trophy of either ventricle may become manifest. 3. Progressive hyper-

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tory Schedule ; it differs in some respects from the

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is also brought out strikingly in puppies. It is obvious from certain

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cember, 1870, and the action was brought by the landlady of

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Sternberg, 8 himself, has recently modified his statement as to the character

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active usefulness of the medical profession, or to protect the

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cholera has reached that city. The French authorities

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the inner aspect of the upper arm ; there was no pulsation in the radial

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himself as he pleases, many years, even ten or a dozen, have