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Eeports of special committees : Dr. Gill, chairman of committee appointed

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nized and probably a good many overlooked. Pott's dis-

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course in veterinary medicine on account of his previous education, out

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and the meat is stamped. Moreover, all dressed meat brought into

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Dr. Hoskins: ''I think it hard to convict blacksmiths who treat hoof

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intravenously ; when temperature is above normal bad results fol-

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slaughter-beds. Enlargements of the lymphatic glands and spleen

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Definition. — Under the term perityphlitis are here included all

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Taberculosis is found in a small percentage of the cattle slaugh-

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with the left hand the right pulse. He applies three fingers, — the ring,

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in the afternoon, as the greater part of the reaction is then over before

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The Executive Committee of the Alumni Association of the American

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malaise, (lassitude,) and of uneasiness, (not pain.) over the whole

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that the examination would, if possible, be conducted by expert veterina-

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constant nursing in infancy, irregular eating in child-

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from ten to twenty tapeworm-heads, which are plainly visible

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right to demand that these people use some new tactics in their

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to secure specific evidence against the parties accused, and, until they could

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due to the individual susceptibility, the virulence of the virus, the

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$3543.80; Roxboro, $1418; Carlisle, $8697.50; Chelmsford,

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be well can produce bad milk. Cows' milk has been found that killed 13

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nary College, a position as assistant to veterinary sur-

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If no gastric atony exists with the hyperacidity, the addition of the

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M6ni6re*s disease. You will find it mentioned in two or three books on the

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Although it would have been scarcely possible to affirm the existence

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100 of water) should be introduced into the cannula. This will aid in a

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naces in the cellars for the stoves formerly kept in the wards, the