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patients were cured. Mild cases were perfectly curable, espe-
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I epidemic diphtheria has reemerged in the New Indepen-
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the constitution less able to sustain the debilitating effects of the spasms. With reference
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Midwifery, Diseases of the Chest, and Demonstrations on l nB ■»__._.-_«
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great as to fill up a large portion of the abdominal cavity. The enlargement betug
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in normal man (Avier. Jour. Phys., Baltimore, May 1, 1920, lii. No.
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an upper airway operation were considered noncompliant
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(younger athletes). Group 3 patients are similar to those in
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ii examination of the marks or signatures in our marriage
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from the dog, and, perhaps secondarily however, from the cat. The
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which it antedated by perhaps a thousand years. The
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. Traits des Maladies du Cerveaux et des ses M.mbran...
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signs of this condition he reckons nail-biting, nocturnal enuresis,
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disease of the temporal bone, facial carbuncle, or injury to the skull, and
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Museum of the First Annual Summer Congress of the Section of
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fully and strongly, and thus a small, feeble, or even thready
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" Vallance on tlio N'irtuos of Bruiuly and Salt," and " Dis-
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Services, Arkansas Children’s Hospital, 800 Marshall, Little
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from the several Counties, and Members of the Convention.
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toms in the evening and night, it was found to be of much ad-
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the appearance of the primary form of the disease, it occurring much oftener
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morbid secretion of mucus {mucoua colic) and in membranous enteritis. M<»v-
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the two diseases are congeners, and their pathological relation-
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three months ; a little dyspnoea during the last two weeks. Enlarged
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be produced by anything that produces a sharp rise of acidity or fall in the alkal-
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in cf long, but not nearly so long as proboscis. Thorax narrow,
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entire matter is under continuing study by the Executive Com-
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made with Hay em's instruments. These have a great advantage over the melangeur
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Drs. Berry Ivy and Jay Meyer were re-elected to their
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Neck of the Humerus ; Fracture through the Tuberosities.
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efforts of nature, not necessarily, and not ! science, require rigid proof. None of them
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for years before they attract attention, or the disease is suspected. The
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especially because the care of the lying-in woman and her infant
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lead to an event of this nature, it requires no consi-
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or by intravenous injection (rabbits). White rats are very re-
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pressed with the fact that his discussion brings out
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friend was the like of Severn. It is a real happiness to know that
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powerful and seldom-used alkaloid — hyoscyamia. Due credit
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one in regard to this class of cancer, and on which the Chairman (Mr. Mark
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patient for whom I had done a double antrum operation for acute frontal pain.
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to paralysis, or the condition may be primary ; in the latter case it may
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case would be the means of avoiding many an embarrassing blunder.
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days longer, hot si tz baths and the other conventional