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means of solving the question satisfactorily. It hence is necessary in all
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sands upon thousands of returning pilgrims were disembarked, and
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found in spots where old adhesions with the omentum existed, and
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destroying all confidence in physicians themselves. Many a good citizen, who
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Wagram. He fell from his horse, but immediately recovered his senses, and
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attacks, as in hay-fever. But the present view is that
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these two was much depressed. As the symptoms of compression were
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four cases in which it took place from among those he has met with
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ansBstheticB have turned out to be in some degree fallacious ; or at
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tion should be applied on each side of the cervical vertebrae, and rubbed well
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contributed to the volume of reports published in 1865, Mr.
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vular defect or a heart muscle degeneration be the cause
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carried out at Bheims by the patient's ordinary medical attendant,
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The patient appears to have died of exhaustion ; the choreic motions cc^uied some
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catarrh," meaning a chronic inflammation with thicken-
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case being extremely urgent, and the patient nearly pulseless, there was no
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certain pathological states which before were beyond his reach^
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so enormous as that it had to be punctured before the delivery could be
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the middle of the thigh, and an incision into the sac was made, the fatal result
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of a bright-red eruption came out near the elbows, on the day
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Devoted to the Interests of the Medical Profession of
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muscles, and has endurance or lacks it the same as other