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frequency of mammary tumours. We have studied nineteen, one of
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2. A five-year-old entire horse, brought for examination on the
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murmurs were heard ; and on the seventh, diastolic aortic murmur.
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brought for advice. Over the eczematous patch the hair is glued
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in six or seven cases of uterine cancer, in all of which, however, the
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Plantar neurectomy was first conceived and performed by Moorcroft,
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generalised tuberculosis ; the lungs, peritoneum, spleen, and liver were
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How little Prussia was prepared, after nearly fifty years of peace, to
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3'ellow, acid, specific gravity i"042 ; contained 2"5 per cent, of glucose.
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examination, was found to consist of four molar teeth ; the two lower
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bring forward parallel subjects for contrast or comparison. A speci-
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their much greater density and firmness, even when the healthy parts
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was charged with causing the death of Anna Maria CheneiT, at Barsham,
but crippled by a bygone attack — bygone, but leaving its work done
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where the number of cases is still small the patients should be isolated
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pericarditis. The internal mammary artery sends deep branches to the
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special effects of sea-air are beneficial to most, there can be no doubt
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156 and 157 were treated with an intra-venous injection of seventy-five
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axillae. The urine was pale, of specific gravity 1030, without albumen.
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leading a confined life should receive regular exercise.
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the excited speaker took his seat it was plain that
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and German Ointment. The result was really wonderful, for in two weeks she was
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useful. As, in our patient, severe lameness continued after radial
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The first pulsation which followed an intermittence was stronger than
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become still more aggravated, appetite is entirely lost, the heart beats
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In these various forms of diaphragmatic hernia, intestine and
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one another very slowly. When chronic myocarditis appears as a
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ago in this way. In the year 184S or 1849, a travelling jeweller, who
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heart and receptaculum chyli contained a little pale-pink lymph ; both
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most hospitals do, to fulfil the objects of a hospital in accordance with the
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was cleansed and treated with antiseptic injections.