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efore immunization f- 0.1 c c i: dilution of culture

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Hagedorn needles, and these cannot properly be grasped

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coloiu:-, it is sometimes difficult, when they are few and separate, to dis-

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glycemic control in diabetic persons on dialysis therapy. In nondiabetic patients, glycosylated hemo-

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171. Christian: The Effect of Theobromin Sodium Salicylate in Acute Experi-

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President of the Medical Society of the State of New

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Anatomic Diagnosis. — Hemorrhagic poliomyelitis. Purulent cystitis.

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disease with sudden onset, and not secondary to bron-

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cerebral hemorrhage and acute softening from embolism

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days after the discontinuance of the medicine. A few days

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should all be in the hospital a few days before the operation is done.

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The appointment of such an officer was first made in ISof, at

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mated osteo-chondroma than osteo-sarcoma, and that it pre-

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thanks to these great researches, to show that, so far as present knowl-

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The statistics of Kinnicutt and of Abram* (particularly the latter) show less

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The most important part of the treatment for diabetic patients has

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seat of many distressing sensations, though rarely of dis-

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sence of all theory, and an attentive study of symptoms and the

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tient to go to any resort and spend twenty hours out

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Wassermann reaction procured, that patient ceased to be immune. In France

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this exist today, it is apt to become even more criti-

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is in my experience very common in rheumatic adolescents

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