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arrest the paroxysms connected with tuberculosis. Chills connected with
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general application. Of the 1G8 cases, death took place in 99 during the
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myelin of any size. In both mesencephalic roots and elsewhere in this section
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Albuminuria is a frequent svmptom. The proportion of cases in which
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ciated with symptoms denoting A'arious kinds of functional disorder, and
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sively tumbling around in the stirring water. By this time if we
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pleted, the second testicle is to be bandaged to the first, making
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present. Mercurialization is warrantable, if not desirable. If employed,
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quickl}^ fatal. Not infrequently, however, the oedema disappears, even
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burgh. — .Having found local bleedings, cataplasms, frictions, &c.
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I am under great obligation to Doctor Ayers for opportunity
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deep and depressed, like the usual sunk cicatrix of the umbi-
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to the eye, and a loud bruit de soufflet was heard in it, but
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skull, and on each side of the spinal column, which, together with nerves
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daily visits at the Hopital du Midi, in Paris, M. Ricord
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of the foregoing abstract, and of a short account of the dis-
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It is entirely unneces.'^ary for us to attempt to add. by
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