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fibres, and this leads to the scarring, which is a clinical feature

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kind of teaching on insanity was fashionable in the institution,

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Professor of the Institutes of Medicine and Medical Jurisprudence in

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with general paralysis, the knee-jerks may be absent on both

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which is due to our distinguished countryman, Dr. J. Ehea Barton, of

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Okji-Zade NisMnji Mehemmed Efendi's Models of Letters.

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in the former, and are practically unheard of in the latter.

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This inscription proves that U. 5. 18 and 19 originally formed one volume along with U. 5. 20.

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The strengths of solution, given above, are usually well

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seen patients carried to the brink of the grave by it, and then res-

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this labor falls on the liver,and thence the frequentand fatal abdomi-

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Remarks : For another, duplicate, copy of this work, see 118, and Brit. Mus. Cat.

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by decay, a bitter taste. Of the truth of this remark, I satisfied

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essence of the disease; we should not, therefore, regard this condition as

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usual way, Dr. Thompson, adds to this drachm of syrup of iodide

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