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sulphate." When two classes of the same salt are employed, one is
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one cannot directly attack the exciting cause of malignant tumors, but
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drugs. The only practical question at issue is how he treats his
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the tumor. The tumor originated in the left ovary. The
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d. hop., Par., 1883, Ivi, 945. . Du mal perforant. Pro-
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. out pigmentation of the kidneys ; and, on the other hand, albuminuria
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be operated on for the relief of mental symptoms, etc., that if it is
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tion. The blood-picture will show few, if any, eosinophiles,
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We are glad to hear that the authorities of the London Hos-
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other lines, but not cultivating them to the same high degree. This
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that Dr. A. Lockhart Gillespie of Edinburgh, Scotland, wrote to
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numerous illustrations on wood, pp. 681. Philadelphia : Blanchard
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will hold their annual meeting at the house of Dr. H. H. Brigham
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may give as much pain. The decrease in pain, or its