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and marked emaciation. In addition, there is also, as a rule, general weakness,

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know of several cases of diabetes where the first symptoms followed immedi-


arm of rapid onset, like paralysis, and it is often associated with pain. This



also, and in general they are very similar to those to


The atrophy and paresis appear first in the tongue, then in the lips and the


sist in the development of small, very itchy nodules (lymphomata) in the


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Clinical History. — Chorea usually begins gradually and without any special

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cuted with a definite purpose. Since movements of this nature (nearly all



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muscles, and central galvanization of the spinal cord and medulla oblongata.


firmary on payment of £5 5s. for the first and £3 3s. for every succeed-

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cicatrices, splinters of bone, formations of callus, etc. When nerves have been

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purposes. For a hasty test it is sometimes quite serviceable to try whether