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The treatment of chronic cases requires a nicer judgment. Many are
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tient, in the course of twenty-four hours, to pass from five to ten thou-
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softrsoap and sulphur, is still less adapted for treatment of private pa-
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secondary cedema of the brain. As we have previously shown, both
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his eyes stare, and his countenance is pale. He does not twitch, but
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Griesinger, Pettenkofer, and Wunderlich. If I were writing regula-
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be taken for measurements. 3. In the algid stage, whether the case
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removed in a shorter time bv this means. There was, there-
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day fever " first differentiated from malaria by the author, and the "three
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was negative, a meningococcus was isolated from the cerebral
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years, at intervals, in various sanatoria. She was able to go
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membranes occurs in some patients, especially epistaxis, haemoptysis,
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ment the supply of nutriment, and to diminish the wear and tear of
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that any lesion discovered in the central organs of the nervous system
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ing reestablished. In other instances it is more protracted. Some-
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reddened eyes shun the light, and are filled with tears, there is pain
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eyes in any direction, etc. On the other hand, the patient frequently
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toms. Before attention was called to the occurrence of this anomaly,
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are pressed out of the bladder into the urethra. Far more rarely than
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follows : — " Sections of the growth immediately above the
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tuberculous affections, such as chronic pulmonary or cerebral tubercu-
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Among the accidents that interrupt the normal course of the dis-
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distressing palpitation and great dyspnoea; the action of the heart