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Finally there is evidence that the disease may be trans-
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peared badly affected throughout The lungs were nearly filled with tubercular
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10. The correspondence in the symptoms shown by these children is
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for tl.o ,.ni,iuL'at..,l iiiuM.ni.iits „f tli- two .-y.-lmlls, wl.or.-as the latter
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Iowa. All interested physicians are urged to attend.
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with the position of the patient, obesity and degree
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sTirfaeo of the foot hrin<:s out the extensor thrnsl. the appearance of
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i„t„.|itii.irr lo nrnroli.- ■• li'ii.h^. or in tln.sr Nxlios,. .lailv In.liits rnfml
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About the time I became Chief of the Bureau a number of articles
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hepatic dulness begins at the fourth rib and extends to the costal margin.
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these were in adults, but there is reason to believe that the process may
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intolleetual impairment have tieen nunh- without siitlii-ient investiiration of
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thinly settled community in which contacts occur, but every one of these
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19. In the larger canning departments the painting of cans Is done with a machine,
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ova and parasites, but several were positive for occult
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desperate fury, followed by paralysis and death, are absolute diag-
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falls into the second type although the clinical pic-
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the crude oil without its injurious properties. Further experiments
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or jiiiiclior.itc the syinploiiis ]>rodiiccil in ;iniiii;ils hy tlic rcniovMl of the
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and twitched convulsively ; at times he was delirious. On September 27,
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there was never enough of them left to be worth exhibiting; sometimes they would be
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Dallas-Hickory-Polk 8 Olin A. Griffin, Jr Buffalo Walter W. Tillman, Jr. . .Bolivar
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problems and programs, to facilitate the joint planning
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