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It was on Thuffday, December 28th, that this thought took possession of
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was close to the heart and caused her to worry over
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the sheriff asking redress. The sheriff visited the home
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accumulation of the dust particles in the preformed
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thatthe laws of New York were first set up to limit
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pital collecting directly from the patient for work-
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ects w'as expressed by county medical society offi-
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mons, but promised to reach the patient as soon as possible,
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phologist, I am afraid, but possibly also of interest
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Stimulating Complex of the Anterior Pituitary of Castrated
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gates, relating to proprietary drugs, which is opposed
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Transactions of the Association. Referred to Nominating Committee.
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pain did not recur. This pain was not relieved by food
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of tubercle bacilli in vivo are presented with refer-
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There is vast difference between being “slender” and
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about the r/ize of a twen^-five cent coin ; presentation natural;
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viruses on cells of mouse ascites tumor and induced
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Dillon, Doane, Fetter, Gordon, Griffith, Jacobs, Jones,
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Crystalline carotene, so rare in 1930 that only a few
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General practice office and home. Small upstate New York
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bilateral, nonradiating aching, unrelated to periods,
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1. Chont, L. K. : Am. J. Roentgenol. 46 : 800 (1941).
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or financial difficulty than to a vitamin deficiency.”
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Average adult dose: Four 100 mg. tablets dally, taken with meals
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would, it appears to me, be as apt to produce inflammation of
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'< That the use of these agents have a direct tendency to
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dial exercise, massage and other interesting subjects.
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Epidemiological Board, and were supported in part by the
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Proceedings — Special Committee on Infant Mortality — Alanagement of Prolonged Labor and
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since 1952 as health officer and school physician in
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60 miles. Contact Dr. Ray E. Deuel, Jr., 508 Castle
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stetrics, Dr. J. Y. Roberts, anesthesia, and Dr. Paul
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mometer readings were right 29, left 25. The corneae
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of their conduct ; in short, may endeavor to enlighten wherever light is
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upon the inner surface of the sac. And further, if the tumor were to
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shall be given preference, private hospitals may be
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fairly wide limits, it is not the amount of quinidin
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basis for relative security and regularity of work-
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and moving at a quick marchine step, it would take three months of
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cil to that Commission, the officers of the Regional