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The antero-posterior pretty frequently involves isolated
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College and subsequently graduated therefrom with the degree of
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were but the outward manifestations of a character which followed
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essays, poems, etc., are worthy to find themselves in such excel-
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benignity of the sequelae, but this cannot make us forget the
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advantage. Steam baths are often beneficial, but their use requires great
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ness in the parts affected. Often this articular affection is the first symptom,
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he was graduated in 182S, and at once began the practice
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President American Gynaecological Society; Hon. Presi-
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contracted ; the latter, as far as theory goes, certainly a more
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at Washington, D. C. While at this post lie attended a
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during his academic studies thereat gained many honors; he took
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out clearly — that the excessive mortality (92 in 100,
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Intestinal Obstruction : its Varieties, with their Pathology, Diagnosis,
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expressed, and this was even felt by the subject of this
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have an influence, although she had been doing very nicely upon
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otherwise inaccessible material. It will also have been observed,
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tent fever; and so on. But here there is no application of these
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Dr. Crothers's paper on alcoholic trance strikes us as so valuable
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action is nature's own work, not the physician's. Why, then, it
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of Newburgh, Orange county, for almost thirty years, president of
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the noblest I ever knew. A busy, useful life, full of kindest impulses and benevo-
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system, the hours of rest and labor should be regulated by munici-
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is well to mention, with Professor Ferraton, that the dress-
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cannot help it ; but, in the manufacture of medicines, we need it
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I. T. Talbot, Boston, Mass. C. E. Fisher, Austin, Tex.
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On Renal and Urinary Affections. By W. Howship Dickinson, M.D. Can-
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Thomas, K. G., of Wales, and their shield bears his arms.
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the prodromal period, shows itself before the suppuration of the
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He was a member of the Kings County Medical Society, (presi-
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the abdomen during a campaign has passed through three
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North Carolina," where the subject of our sketch was edu-
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position, which is to heal the sick entirely, quickly, and agreea-
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