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note that in this case the signs of consolidation disappeared
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Hyperaemia of the brain is marked partly by symptoms of increased
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ness is generally less intense, the swelling more diffuse and oedematous.
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one of the unrecognised advantages secured by its universal
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the same process, yet the vaiying predominance of the different
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is marked by numerous chills, and, above all, when pus is discharged
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know of no absolute objections to this theory, and a series of facts
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fid enlargement of the inguinal glands to indolent buboes. The
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distinguished, or by getting a second person to collect my
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and ganglion-cells and their scanty interstitial tissue. These tissue-
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posterior cranial fossa as easy, and that they have repeatedly diag-
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24th day, a dose containing 50,000,000 dead staphylococci
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cure of the tuberculous dyscrasia. The best mode of treatment of
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almost constantly complicates basilar meningitis, and, in the next
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reagent-paper dipped into this, the peroxide solution being poured over it
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He pointed out the important part played by the nasal sinuses
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duced by cold. The statement of Vatteix, that the disease is so rare,
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of the blood. Only a very small sample of blood is required,
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ache, weakness, excitement, or apathy, increase, and it is at this time
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difficulty. The attendant symptoms furnish the most trustworthy aids
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2. Haemorrhage into the skin may proceed from over-distention and
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spected, or when the sentimental anticipations and fantastic ideals of a
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Sometimes the small intestine is pale, and neither vascularity nor ecchy-
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tion which would assist him in selecting his doses of vaccine,
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are beyond doubt. In order to enable the medical profession
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In some particularly severe cases the above symptoms develop far
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opsonic index with a view to treatment with tuberculin. The
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continuing it for four or six weeks. In order to make children take
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vaccina pustule are the only known vehicle of the contagion ; the ema-
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occur in the most varied forms of local disease where nerve-filaments
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stinate neuralgia has very often been observed as a result of the irrita-
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would seem more suitable to the disease than aphasia. Finkelburg
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middle ear, no tubercle bacilli could be found, and there was
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decreased rather than increased, so that at first the diagnosis
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inocidaiion. These auto-inoculations only take place when
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etc., are accompanied by increased pulsation of the carotids. If we
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