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Poisoning by Vapo-Cresolene. By Adams, of Washington
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two months. Her right posterior tibal pulse was dimin-
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4 Specielle Diagnostik und Therapie der Magenkrankh., ii Theil, iv Auflage, S. 89.
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anorexia and jaundice, with a normal temperature. On entering the hospital,
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that none of these cases was in the later stages of the
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trefaction there may be one which is very deleterious to the
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number of animals died immediately or shortly after the
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is substituted a normal saline solution, leucocytes
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to 20/1 was the usual size. In malignant growths these
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due to the gradually developed hypertrophy and dilatation of the right
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one which opens a wide field for inquiry and examination, and
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stomach contents^ in repeated examinations^ in doubtful
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and coordination of modern methods of therapy. Wis.
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methods. U. jNIosso," Sarah Amitin,^ and others have shown that,
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an operation and died. Post-mortem done, and it showed an
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of its hygienic and therapeutical influences. This at least we may infer from
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Eight of those who died had autopsies, and in five death
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speaking, the cases of men who would be completely laid aside
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xvii, 290,— Bickcrton (T, H,) Lodgment of pieces <'f
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presented themselves. The patient died in about three
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rapidly, especially after some forms of debilitating disease.
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longer or shorter interval the litmus will be reddened and *e starch-pape
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hypothesis of Durham, that groups of bacilli of similar species but not
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vain. At Breslau carbolic acid, and in America the sulphites, the hypo-sul-
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accidental, but several pieces, both of mutton and beef, and also of
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express, as warmly as possible, our utter condemnation of all
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tion, but that it bears throughout the character of a neo-
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Beathsby the Bradford Poisonings. — The S very inconveniently protracted. The fur-
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position of physiology and bio-chemis- fined methods of chemistry employed in
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nuclei of oppoitte aides whose actions cannot be dissociated by Toluatary effort.
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York ; " The Hygiene of Sailors engaged in the Coast-
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until the state of the stomach improves. But it will be more
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It would be well to try its effects in the analogous disease, neuralgia,
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obtained from staff nurses representing the Clinical Center in schools of
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(1) A minute gastric pouch, (2) gastric outlet obstruc-
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terminated fatally at the end of forty-eight honrs,
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2. the hitherto intact inner core containing the anti-
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found in a large proportion of cases the convulsions
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and drink (tiesh, fowl, fish and alcohol) are forbidden in the
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faaoging! These fiicts may suffice to tindicate Berlin
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the co-existence of tuberculosis and typhoid fever. The failure of the
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Case 3.- — Operator, Johnson, 1856. Duration, bom so ; sacnil