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matter up. The amount used in the case mentioned was thirty

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fessional and learned associations, was president of the New York

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the fear of doing wrong. The degree of his happiness

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ded with the starry decorations of France, Portugal, Spain,

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to the ear, are broken down by ulceration, especially persons

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lible, and divinely appointed means of healing, may be com-

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For this purpose, it is best to administer ten to twenty drops of

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corresponding to the last part of the thoracic wall through

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among us not only stirred us up intellectually, but helped

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modified by Selection ? " by Professor W. K. Brooks, which deals

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bral arthritis, was followed by extension of the inflammation to

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the ova develop in some children, and not in others, argued that

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This is a facsimile of the cut published in the " Clinique " to illustrate the case under consideration.

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by which the atoms of the surrounding pabulum are drawn in

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table from his chair four times, laid on his abdomen, moved his

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is visiting physician to the City Hospital, Pediatric Division. Con-

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icine from licllevue Hospital Medical College, New York,

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In answer to my inquiries, the patient informed me that his

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eral study of the conduct ; or, in other words, a state of the brain

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screaming and painful restlessness quieted at once by a copious

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only a belief, as we know nothing of it, except in our own

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cold, exposure, or traumatic ; and that this disease is rare in

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ment of the University of Michigan, where he studied as-

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sicians and Surgeons of that city, graduating therefrom with the

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of Newburgh, Orange county, for almost thirty years, president of

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the two divided ends of the vessel. Such is the treatment for

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accustomed to confide their lives to his skillful hand. He was obliged

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the maternal genealogy is Jaques Jerauld, a French Huguenot, who

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dies has its peculiar advantages, but the specific influence of each is about

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presenting to our readers Miss Alcott's testimony in full, feel-

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venience, however detrimental to health. With the development

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practice at No. 24 West Thirty-sixth Street, New York City, remain-

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bowels had previously operated regularly every day. The urine

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College Dispensary for the past six years, and purposes to make the treatment of

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it by the application of the knowledge of the body as it is

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its Early Recognition by the General Physician." Ibid.,

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thought of something that I wish to tell you. Ever since baby