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are believed to be of benefit in retarding the development of
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burnum, or both may be added to the above, or Tr. Gentian
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learned the medical properties of many plants and some of
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weeks, their employment is not more required. In excision of
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have amply replied to you both. I shall endeavour to show
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prevalence of the disease in districts in which there is a squalid population and unsan-
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the saline cathartics are to Iw preferred. The sulphate of mag-
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children. She stated, in answer to my queries, that she
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indeed, so far he has only met with a single instance of
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it was not specified, it is safe to assume that only marriages which
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Ur. F. I*. KiNNK TTT believed most cases of acute nephritis due
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clinic should be reestablished he should have charge of it, in connection with
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friend, Dr. L S. Riu. He was known to have heart-disease,
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ways been considered to be obstructed, were, on the contrary,
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tability ; application of stimuli giving rise to contractions which were sometimes of a
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this annoying symptom. The medicine is to be given two or
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ever, and eulogize extremely the nitrate of potass. Henderson, who
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there were 51,287 cases of quotidian type, with 646 deaths; 2097 of
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oan refer fo; information re^eitin^^he deWls oV ^l Tr TK^'ir''' " "'^"'^ "=" ^'"'■^°"
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Officer of the .South DiWsion of the Liverpool Police, vice T. R. Bickerton,
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is a ditch-digger, who formerly used much alcohol, de-
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of comity, unity and mutual regard, which is commendable
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abdominal cases, cases of gastric or duodenal ulcer, appendicitis,
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the Bible can be found which are worth so much to the reader
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in charge of the deceased at the time of the injuries,
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otomy and the lithotomy positions, renders the table espe-
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vation. Buttermilk is sometimes better tolerated in cases of cancer than any
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absorbed, and the force of the drug thrown upon the sys-
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tube, and by passing the tube at each milking, the quarter soon
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the lie to the diagnosis. In consultation with Waltelet I saw a young child
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of Saint Joseph Medical College received a new charter,
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Ueber die Typhusepidemie inOberbipp; ein Beitrag zur
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dent when he finds his No. 1 Group here called No. 5. This
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iris presenting a healthy appearance opposite that part of the inferior por-
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midwives have been struck off the Eegister, about 3'4 per 1,000, as
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tity; on the other hand, the pulmonary artery contained a large
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an association for mutual , protection, and each individ-
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peared. The beginning of this epidemic was clearly traced to the neighbouring
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man has had syphilis, has suffered from cerebral mani-