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cornua, between the posterior and lateral columns (the so-called . zone of
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cinccxuiist Courses. ItN^nables each student to progress at his own rate
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muscles (Xicolodoni, Yulpius, and others), are of especial interest. The
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letter, that he intends to do so, one month before the time when the
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of the series of acetone bodies; diacetic acid (CH 3 COCH 2 COOH) and ace-
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The New Provident Hospital was opened on May 15, 1933, in the premises bought
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the sejsarate muscular bundles, which may be seen on a close examination of
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\ and the follicle. Yolk flu1d» yellow in color due to fat solubel dyes, is added Inside
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Usually these general cerebral symptoms are attended by others referable
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and extensive, but brief movements, generally not of a clonic character,
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The hooJu selected are : — Greek — Xenophon'B " Anabasis," book i ;
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4 seconds. The pasteurization temperature ranges from 194* to 260" F deoendlno
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bility some infectious germ. This has been maintained for some time by me
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cord. They are either single or frequent and persistent. Their mode of origin
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disturbance is absent only in hysterical anaesthesia. The loss of the regu-
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fees : For each course — ^first session, £2 2s. ; second session and per>
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f essional examination who has not passed a satisfiGM^toTy examination
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qualifying classes for at least two armi medid, or for two summer
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Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Durham, St. Andrew's — Royal
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thfft is ibeing pasteurized. A recording ttenwneter provides a s^manent record of the
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Fig. 202.— Lateral aspect of the brain (after Ecker) . The motor region of the cortex, consisting
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tensive destruction of the nervous elements. We know very little of the
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Medicine, not including Toxicology^ Public and Private Hygiene.
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scintillating scotoma). Gastric and intestinal disturbances, chronic catarrh
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may drag on for months and years, sometimes improving and sometimes get-
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inulin, and also certain other related substances, such as mannite and inosite,
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The topical diagnosis naturally presupposes an accurate knowledge of the
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to be recommended. Such alcoholic beverages as beer and wine are to be
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At Oriel the Examiaation is held at least once in each term, and usually in
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of attendance on this course of advanced study. On payment of the
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[The experience of army surgeons during our Civil War deserves mention
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session prtMs in Clinical Medicine and Surgery, in Obstetric Medicine, and in
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recess, beginning the 23rd December and ending on the 2nd January,
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very striking symptoms — in the muscles of articulation (tongue) and the
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of chronic cerebral disease. Some differences of opinion yet exist in regard
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account of the defective fixation of the scapula. Isolated paralysis of the
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