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upon the intensity of the rays. The course of the skin lesions
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development, like that of Fishes, it consists of only two cavities and a bulbus
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Nature and Treatment of Typhoid Fever," and proposed a new mode of treat-
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conditions it has served me well, and I shall continue to prescribe it both in pri-
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the footsteps of the Plight Hon. T. Sotheron-Estcourt,
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treatment are such uncertain elements in the statistics of mortality,
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figures given in Table XII which show the absence of any definite
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English people in connection with the little wars with the Matabele sav-
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foreshadowing results, which very few men have possessed. For my
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of the functional quality of the organ. Small diseased foci will
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creased excitability, muscular tremblings, a flow of saliva from
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observing the metronome, but decreased the ability for sim-
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" The quantity of spirit of wine here made use of, although it conduces to the
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They all stain the tissues uniformly blue with little if any nuclear
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that the destruction of partially-born children, although alive and healthy, is
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only be necessary to obtain an indication of sensibility,
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given for PEPS I NE and its preparations. (Silver Medal, 18G8.)
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from the spinal centres. But it must be understood that this does little
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8. McCall Anderson, "Edinb. Med. Journal," July, 1881, p.
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for a period of twelve days severe injuries to the head supposed to have been
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particular cases that were before me ; but I can conceive, in die almost
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5. Casagrandi, 0. and Barbagallo, F.: Ann. d'ig. sper., 1897, new series, vii,
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anaesthesia is sufficient for the removal of adenoid tissue, and in my ex-
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inflammation in young subjects. Sahli has introduced the phrase
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Results. — I may say at the beginning that I have been unable to
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nephrectomy, the postural difficulties with which the anaesthetist
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in a severe form, was nursed by various friends and neighbors, and
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the human body, attaches itself to various solid surfaces in proximity to
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while, and poulticing, etc., first ; then the above treatment.
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The titles of papers are announced in the order of their reception. The
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