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and sometimes contracted near the middle, making them some-

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In the first case the patient had an ovo-testis on the left side,

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tion of the stricture under the ribs was most unfavorable, but

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tionable in a learned Society, but the proposed resolution was

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regularly qualified teachers of the literary branches,

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The manifestation of lameness by the animal is sho^vn in

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in and exhaust her again by such a dreadful loss of

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four cases of chest-wound (seventy-three discharged fit for duty), and

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through which about one gallon of gas was withdrawn.

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the active cause to lie miasma. Others have assumed that

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an end which can be safely and surely attained by other means.

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is frequently acquired otherwise than by sexual intercourse,

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chiefest stumbling-blocks in the paths of those sects that may

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ing purposes at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, has been

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vertex, the middle portion of the scalp, the nose, and the cheeks ; it

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of curds. If one takes a large quantity of milk as fast

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tives of low magnifying power show us a comparatively large field, brilliantly

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prevented, one is tempted to shake his head and say,

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(a) Paralysis of the Sciatic Nerve. — The sciatic nerve

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I cannot deny that the length of time | the consideration of the cases, the notes of

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acid. Consequently the maximum accuracy is obtained by per-

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activity, he brought witli him a treatise on "Glaucoma,"

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in this portion of my subject, I will relate the details here, and

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sphincter control, of sensibility, and of motor power. Early

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joint. The great object to be secured was to enable the sur-

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asked at the same time for fresh medicine. The king

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After 122 ballots, O. H. Hutton and G. T. Row of Circleville

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Cas^III. — A gentleman who had suffered from epilepsy for years past, has

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(^^l), which in turn, in the hands of the Latino-Barbari,

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Medical Journal, June 10, 1899, under Society Reports.

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sort to Recamier's method in preference to the use of the knife,

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course of the famous river. It is ship-shaped, and quite

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pass over or under the nuclei and still others stop abruptly in the neighbor-

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things characteristic of constitutional dispositions whicli

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the purulent condition of the lungs prevented their attract-

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