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cases neuralgic pains occurred at night. An important feature
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plane. As the middle palmar space is followed down-
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tion of the sores is to be considered as indicating the danger of the disease,
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6th. Clinical observation conclusively proves that the unflexed after,
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to begin with, and, moreover, it would^have just the opposite
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xxvi, 372-376.— Thornton (W. P.) Fracture of the neck
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or hip-bones; this curve may be felt with the fingers (if the bull
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transformed into dense fibrous connective tissue ; no
ordinary cases. This consists in the administration of the acetate of potash in
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In cases which recover there is a critical change in the apparently
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wards in the past ten years has been only 2 per cent, as contrasted with
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Preliminary to the selection of a site, adoption of
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not been cured, but in which a so-called recovery has taken place,
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of 8o«dled croup, this, in its development and early progress, is the least
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things of a progressive nature in Cleveland, has been very
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fever and cholera, and the results have more than compen-
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of pigs to erysipelas ; because an eruption of urticaria, as in other
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obtained by administering, in connection with the quinin, 3
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infrequently reported Should a dermatologic reaction persist,
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must be watched and guarded as the sacred cows of Li.
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fistula had been established. No improvement followed, and the
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treatment. Patient then went home and have not heard
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pour a little lysol over the glove, wash off with water, dry on a towel,
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of digestive ferments. The embryology of the organs has not
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W. S( iiaefer, M.D., Kansas City, Mo. From K. C. Med. Index, Nov.. 1S97.