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applied to the surface of the corn. This is then covered with a

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l)aths, and even to i)otato-flour poultices, or cheesecloth bandaging.

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Journal. Unfortunately it is so only fruni memory, as the

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vations, etc.. as given by those then sojourning there, be

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and possess an aromatic odor and taste. They are lighter

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tional note in reference to the case, nseful vision maintained by

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already cited. The atonic state of the uterus, evinced by the very feeble pains,

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by the party entitled to the game, or by any ganiekeepercr

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the intestinal surfaces and the abdominal wall. There was

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mittee of the National Assembly, 162,000 fr. have been voted

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there is a class of diseases which arise from the reactive irritation of the skin

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uniting as closely as possible the lips of the wound, so as to

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texture which have adhered to the teeth during mastication.

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drawing out l)oth ends of a short hollow glass tube and inverting one end about

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meetings and auditors' annual reports. Prevention of any

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salts ; soda must be avoided, as the urate of soda is not readily solu-

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even less if the symptoms are increasing, and in eighteen to twenty-

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on my back, both legs doubled up under me, and drag-

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seen in febrile diseases, the epithelium of the tubules shows the appear-

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toward a common cause and to suggest a common source. The

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Thursday, October 17th: New York Academy of Medicine;

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vinced in the fii'St instance, to yielding with a bad grace when

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ranged in many genera and these genera grouped into families.^

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relative excess of food, with the production of an acidosis.

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fession by the Council — and was able to speak with authority

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reaction (especially general reaction) are occasionally relieved

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sometimes with slight pricking in the chest when coughing or sneez-

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Detre-Deutsch : Superinfektion und Primaraffekt, Wien. klin. Wchnsclir.,

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turkey's egg, and occupying the lowest portion of the

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Age. — The malady is chiefly met %vith in childhood, most commonly in

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okapiranka, or ongamero, is said to occur throughout the whole year, and

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Koch's recent experiments with a " new antituberculo-

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junctival injections. For the latter purpose he recommends

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with marked melanoderma. In one the pigmentation had

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cipes in this book too numerous to mention, and which are

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and attention should be given to the temperature and moisture

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deficient. It is ordained that all house offal, whether consisting of ani-

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referred to ought to be carefully observed ; and it ought to be

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1790, will recognize the mania that infatuated the emigrants