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state of indigestion by eating to excess, and swallowing a large piece of fat

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so short a period as one generation, that one of the

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permanent organization. State, county and city health officers,

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alcoholism. He was never suspected of being tuberculous.

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instruct hira on doubtful or difficult points of physiology and pathology, which

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recover. Not long after that he returned to his business

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ing cleanliness and using some antiparasitic lotion, such as a

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aged 6 months. Child otherwise normal. Firm, Irreducible tumor

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of the pleura; no tubercles in the lungs. Bronchial glands extensively

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over, while the absolutely definitive location of a kidney

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quite (uU. We do not know about special care given to pay pa-

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to show that the theory described had been anticipated

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It is not my intention to enter into the minor details

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pointed toothpick and dress with an antiseptic dressin^r of

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3 Med. Tranp. of the College of Physicians, vol. i. p. 407.

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by preventing the eye from winking for a considerable time. Accordingly,

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but certainly no one has brought it forward with such panegyrics as he. It

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into Germany in hot weather, and before the palsy had suffered several

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Some of his cases reported are a little hard to credit, not as to

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afforded a temporary relief. He (Mr. H.) had performed it twice on one

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Frank Wayland Abbott, K.I>., University of Buffalo,

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pathy. Owing to its richness in vaso-constricting toxins, the

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curved vagina, being such in consequence of the intestines and projection of

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all cut out in twenty-four hours, and the former were removed at the end of

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according to the nature of the case requiring that application on extraordi-

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been extracted shortly before the swelling was noticed. It was in the

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within wide limits, and does naturally so vary, ought

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constantly growing and usually loses more or less flesh during

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recognition of a case of smallpox on the public streets. The

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Asylum on account of epilepsy, which has aff"ected her mind for five years

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and taken to the bone-yard, when, on opening its stom-

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phagedsenic syphilitic ulcers. The following extract from Mr. Carmichael's

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among whom it was shown that hysteria could not have existed,

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" Until the age of 26 I always enjoyed perfect health, uninterrupted by

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on starchy food. This difficulty is due to the fact that

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noted a divergent squint. There was slight tendency to opis-