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diseases, but they have been as ail will admit, too much neglected by
tion second to none in the United States, with its extensive library, anatomical
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William Briton or Breton (died 1356), Welsh Cistercian monk, wrote (according to Bale)
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This anonymous MS. was printed for private circulation at Glasgow in 1872, edited by
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ence of bile, in cases of torpor of the liver, and the shade of color
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must rank rather as adenomatous prostates, which were unfor-
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the changes which occur from diseased actions in the various tissues —
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out the great plain of the Mississippi by the arrogance of sys-
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general military hospital of Chatham, England, it appears demonstra-
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spere [except first word, in a late XVI. Cent, hand] | I [rubricated initial] maginabor speram
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validity of the reasoning, which would ascribe this localisation
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the disease, so to speak, at the wrong end, and I have httle
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ice which was erected on the river Neva, by one of the Empresses of
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Bi — or deuto-ioduret of Mercury . . 1 part (gramme)
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marked. Practically these two groups of organs, when one
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large quantities for several days, then stopping its use for a short time,
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symptoms for some years, and had used a catheter to empty
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and kidney disease. A case of this nature, in which cirrhosis
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Young Kue T, Schraer C, Shubnikoff E, Szathmai-y E, and Nikitin Y: Prevalence of diagnosed diabetes in
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American Indian/Alaska Native Specific Readings (continued^
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which no doubt partly depends on whether the prophylaAic
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without discrimination. That poisons, when introduced into a part,
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single cols, of 25 lines, each 55X3, ruled and margined with red, foliation, modern
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tate. The patient died some months later. In 1892, Socin
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contraire, cacher complètement le procédé aux deux groupes. Enfin, le médecin qui
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Since M. Cazenave, in 1851, wrote his historical paper on
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reaction. At the expiration of twenty-four hours from their first
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it will be of interest to consider what advances have been
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I found the case desperate, and amputation the only remedy. It