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generally regarded as syphilitic. It is distinguished by the presence of

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find the tubercle bacillus, Ijut inoculations often fail, even in

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Whether in cases of progi'cssive muscular atrophy the lateral columns

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/Etiology. — Pseudo-hypertrophic muscular paralysis is a disease of

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nor to pneumothorax nor to pleuritic effusion, points to the develop-

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pressure falls. After a pause of nine seconds respira-

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He said that the project had arisen some years ago, with the origi-

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Some people like their meats roasted, others do not

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de chir. de Par., 1890, n. s., xvi, 421.— Blackader (A. D.)

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the arterial wall for the same change of pressure. The one would be

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surgeon in that way which would obtain him private practice.

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penetration test was replaced by resistance testing to

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operation they might be such as to increase the efficiency of

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times as strong as that of the pharmacopoeia, is mixed with lump

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because our conception of good compensation is not compatible w r ith

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tients, of whose cases I have given the^ outlines, had been,

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It stares us in the face from the pulpit on the Sabbath day.

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An "orderly" from the hospital posed as patient, and Dr.

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• Dr. Aitken {Scitnee and Praetiee 0/ ^fedicine. Fourth edition.

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obtruding itself between the hand and the foetal part, of which

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kingdom, the soil, and upon the great circulation of matter, kept up by the forces of the snii —

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tions These were dark red and were depressed slightly below the surface of

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hypoglossal nucleus on the side on which the tongue is paralyzed and

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greater or less, and the corpuscular constituents, or leucocytes, may be

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gastric irritability and biliary vomit are frequent. He reports cases

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forations of the gullet by sharp pointed bodies or by whips or

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Army Medical Board, Xew York City, for examination for

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microscopic plant found on human hair. It appeared in

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vous ; and feeling .as if she were flowing, she went aside to

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by the fact that albumen appears in the urine after the I'ecstablishment of

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the brain. In another case a prompt re.sort to refrig-

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irremovable structural changes in the lungs or elsewhere, no treat-

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ever, that his method is not a full treatment of small-pox, but only

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which have accidentally been confined in rooms undergoing for-

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is moderately elevated, reaching usually to between 101° and 103° F. As

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fessional duties, requested Dr. Osier to exhibit for him the

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out thought of the money which it might earn. That has

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but who iu addition has distributed over the fauces and

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glimpses of a future full of hope, the people in Canada have