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(or sometimes swimming), are all employed. Douches must not be applied
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Special certificates are given to the resident pupils and dressers who have
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frontal muscles and the orbicularis palpebrarum are unaffected, while in
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hemorrhages in the neighborhood of the third ventricle — that is, in the re-
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the laboratory of an hospital, dispensary, member of a Surgical College
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general education, resembling the German State examination. The
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impossible for him to bend his body forward in the necessary manner; but
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and deformities may also arise, which are in the main always to be referred
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complete as possible of the selected cases. Competitors for these prizes should
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hours additional laboratory each week. Summer, 1939, lecture: M., Th., F., 1:30;
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factors In determining price. Items in good condition with maximum shelf life nom^Uy
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Sharp, Harlow Brooks, s, a, w, Salt Lake City, Utah. A.B. (U. of Utah) '34.
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the degeneration is limited entirely to the peripheral dendrites of the sensory
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with water for o^sre than 30 minutes during processing. The time the oyster
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ihH superse<^ ST 3AB890830-X-1 . 3AZR90870-2-I-4, and 30889921-1-111-3, August 1
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type (sore throat, enteritis, etc.). The affected individuals are comparatively
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Bier's hyperemia and bot-air treatment. The internal administration of the
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imiStjfit of acid has developed, the whey is rerrioyed from the vat by a process called
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purulent inflammation, originates in some other organ primarily, and affects
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mally, and consist of an extremely severe cardialgic pain, which is accom-
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Practice of Surgery; courses of Chemistry and Hygiene.
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Ik the year 1859 Landry described a disease under the name of "paralysie
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Brennecke, Frances Elizabeth, a, Gnadenbutten, Ohio. A.B. (U. of Pennsylvania) '27.
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complish our whole duty by reducing the amount of sugar contained in the
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curricula IB packa^s selected fdr adaptation to vocational iastructioa
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Medica, Practical Surgery, Operative Surgery, Pathology, and Medical
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tions, nine months ; or Dissection and Anatomy of Head and Neck-—
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October following. Candidates must call on the Dean at 1.80 p.m. on the linrf}
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{]) The product Is Inspected for proper packaging and packing in accordance
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sion of the foot with marked contraction of the tendon of the tibialis anticus.
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pated^ and, nevertheless (not infrequently even without any demonstrable
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repute in gout, although the waters of Ems, Xeuenahr, Faehinger Wasser, and
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marked negativism, resisting all attempts which may be made to get him to
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hand conging are the two methods used to hakv^s't oystex>8# Qredgli% is
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(f) Shell color Is not a factor in quality determination,
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time. We also obtain somewhat different values for the fineness of the sense
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tumors, etc.), the prognosis is often utterly unfavorable, and treatment can be
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Richard W. Watkins, S.B., M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Laryngology and
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which lie has been placed on the Register," he will be required to
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Frederick Fitzwygram, Bart. The prizes are tbree in number. The
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" What Qualification shall I prepare for P "—The Presoribed QualifidationB ;