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dark patches of pigment ; the hyperemia has ceased, and the infil-

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practised by any one. Favoured \4th an almost absolutely

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to lay before the select committee as soon as it shall bo

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was very light, but larger than the Thomas curette. Any

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use by the technologists and laboratory physicians. Drs. E. /j"thur

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acetanilid. And our legislators permit such poisons to be

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matism, and phthisis) the instrument in this position always indicated a much

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finger was introduced into the bladder. The vesical

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2. The Principles of Biology. Part 1. The Data of Biology. By Her-

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phus fever had repeatedly appeared, that this form of

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vantage that his home school otfers. It is the only open college that

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line perhaps in breadth : while at its broadest part it may be from

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it will fester; pus will accumulate and cause great lameness; part

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can moreover be greatly mitigated by the inhalation of oxygen.

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resorcin, formed a valuable combination. Bismuth and

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the medical pre.-^s teems with them ; it is therefore espe-

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ajiprehended from the injury. It remains to be seen whether this is a

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ajiprehended from the injury. It remains to be seen whether this is a

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Milk is not a suitable diet for this disease. Beef-tea and

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su™ested, a child may breathe and die. Thus, according to this author, — ' If

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elevator and snare, were used. In answer to Sir Felix Semon, everyone would

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rales, due to bronchitis. Difficult breathing and rapid respira-

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of fine sand ; or in coarser roundish grams, which are in fact minute

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thus hindering the excretion of the fluids, and so aug-

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curves seem rather more suitable, because they show that the sphygmo-

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for any reason undesirable, I prefer to give codeine in quarter-grain

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below out of sight. In the winter of 1814, while the patient

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has become extrinsic. I myself have in more than one

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quite sandy, while in others it is heavy and underlaid with

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In 1872 I made a fresh experiment with the same Cannabis,

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of the malady from the parts affected. The like we may say of

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the University from acting upon the Supplemental Charter

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chez l'homme'' (Bremser) ; it inhabits a bag or capsule found in

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nor answer when directly spoken to. This became so noticeable

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of the malady from the parts affected. The like we may say of

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large amount of animal food consumed by them, and that the chilling

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peripheral expansions of the nerves; that, cceteris paribus, the larger the num-

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at complete rest and when the digestive processes are at their normal daily

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ForiiLS no. 3, 1. .s., of: Cinversaz. med. . . . Policlin.

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had desired information. Only a few of the cases had been inves-