Effexor Xl 75mg Side Effects

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and its rapid growth, has often been mistaken for a malignant process. In
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times of immense help in diagnosis to find the characteristic retinal changes.
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tuberculosis he found tubercles in a notable proportion of cases. In the
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sciousness. A month later there was a second attack, with pain and local
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larger or smaller size, with a tendency- toward cavity formation, the sur-
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effexor xl 75mg side effects
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is there any difficulty in distinguishing splenic anaemia from Hodgkin's
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feet may be very crippling without much actual change. The neck and jaws
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Bacteriolo^eal Studies. — Many investigators are of the opinion, never-
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due to angiospasm, the disease must not be confounded with a series of other
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the discussions by Senator, Ziemssen. and others in the Verhandl. des IX Kongresses
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although it is surprising for how long a time it may remain unaffected;
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rience in private practice, at Tokustuma and in the hospital at Osaka,
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should be treated with boric acid solutions in the beginning. Special treat-
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massage, is of benefit, yet often the poor, who have the stimulus of necessity,
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occupations should be given up. Reading, sewing, and aff diversions and
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symptom complex in such cases is, of course, impossible to determine with
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