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toms of general hyperaemia of the brain, and come under the head of
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lupus, scrofulous inflammation merely takes the form of an obstinate
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also occasionally primary, and even when there have been no attacks
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largely re-written by the latter. The work is profusely Illustrated, and
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Cases where the algid stage develops in a few hours are certainly less
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causes but little inconvenience to the patient, so that we
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of carbonate of lime not unfrequently occur in sarcoma of the dura
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ticularly in the medulla of the cerebrum, does not cause any perceptible
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case of typhus.* But it would lead us too far to describe with equal
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former occurs at a time of life when the arteries may be
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plegia, sudden amaurosis or amblyopia of one eye, ptosis, etc.
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catheter twice a day. It is equally common for her to remain in bed
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taut to enjoin upon the patient to keep a sharp lookout for the first
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a nutritive derangement of the general nervous system, both central
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mingled with dust. Upon compressing the follicle, its contents are
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vaccina poison is of a different nature from variola poison, or whether
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developed in the right lower lobe and disappeared on the fol-
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whether the cellular elements destined for the blood are retained in
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from the case of chronic ulcerative keratitis under Professor
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circumstances, venesection is a very useful remedy ; under others it is
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and in traumatic tetanus, warm and stimulating baths, as well as Russian
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of the body. Where the conditions in a nidus of bacterial
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hydrocephalus can be excluded, while in most cases only a probable
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formation of abscesses, or diffuse destruction of the ovary, rarely occurs
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the tissues is responded to by a determination of phagocytes
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cessor Professor Sharpey. To the practical and experimental
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*.very thing that can increase the pressure of blood to the head, and to
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out by house-physicians and house-surgeons. Here, as before