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border of pharynx and anterior border of acetabulum. Male organs: The cirrus
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tive agent deeply into the substance of the muscles. This is, he believes,
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to prove that irritation of the gastric nerves is also reflected to the
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found infected. He had been in Tacloban for thirteen years, in Manila for one
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low grade of inflammatory action in the prostate gland.
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Uterus, Catheterization of, to incite Contractions, . . . 540
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Symptoms and Course. — If the haemorrhage from the stomach be
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role, but sometimes, particularly in scrofulous and cachectic subjects,
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other nervous derangements. Finally, it may attack persons idiopcUhi-
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proper ulceration, but a necrosis, and a solution of the necrosed part of
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accompaniments of simple hyperemia of the liver, that, although they
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direct action of medicaments upon the mucous membrane of the larynx
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parturitions among the poor and ignorant women of the city. It is even
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been abandoned for all other animals and plants, and had not
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edged efficacy as the acids, and which, being less innocent, are therefore
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not at first sufficient to produce cyanosis and dropsy, although the lips
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vents the occurrence of regular vibrations. It, is precisely the same in
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citability of the nerves. There are cases of spontaneous salivation that
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The most practical way of obtaining the larvae was to dip up algce and
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sion shows in some cases an increase, in others (but, according to my
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five hundred years. Its advocates invaded the loathsome for
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tention. We would advise him to remark, in his next case of
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catarrh, fermented substances, such as beer or wine, be taken, or if ex-
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with the nieces does not induce any characteristic color, particularly when
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still I have observed them in some cases. In one instance the greater
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ly audible. 4. In emphysema the pectoral fremitus is perceptible ; in
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gall-bladder, if they are introduced into the stomach. Hence, if Dur
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of Prussia, in 1767 ; Maximilian Joseph, Elector of Bavaria,
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or crown of moving cilia upon the wide extremity of their
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arising from contact of the compact heart with the wall of the chest,
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the blood ; but, 'in many instances, the sounds are so distinctly those
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The symptoms of extensive vicarious emphysema and those of sub
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so heavily upon the pulmonary tissue and the thoracic walls that the
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in passing the instrument occurs, Dr. Gouley's wlialebone