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a despatch of General Whitlock, commanding the Sanger Field
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Thus I.oomis^ says that it is proper to reduce the fever if it
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tuberculose pulmonaire; dysphagie calmfee rapidement
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given. If we hinder fermentation and prevent impurities
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is generally met with among persons inclined to grow fisit ; fatty heart is
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tor, his principal object has been to bring together in this collection
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measles when seven years old, and two years ago had an
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more attractive garb than Professor Holland, a fact well illustrated in this
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In cases still more severe the blood never returns to the part pressed upon,
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leather, is to be introduced; or some dry lint formed in the same manner j or a
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buried with him at last ; so that he may present himself
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civil service will do much to abate the evil, and to place the administra-
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schr., 1890, xxvii, 121-123. [Discussion], 136-138. Also:
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their hearing to a greater or less extent. If the disease
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impede the outflow of blood from the cerebral sinuses, e.g. heart disease,
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are now successfully treated otherwise. It is almost need-
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normal animals. Our skepticism in regard to the poisonous effect of
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the corresponding months were about the same, except
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became generally accepted in the profession that such
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Carnivora 1, Pinnipedia 1, Ungulata 1, Marsupialia 4, Anseres 1.
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method are practically the only plans of treatment one sees out-
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Table VIII with the protocol of Dog 19-55 presents some inter-
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perv. Surg. Mar. Hosp. 1890-7, Wash., 1899. 296.— Orcen-
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the bowels, attended with sensation of stricture, and sometimes frequent,
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Pre-existing adhesions may prevent displacement of the adjacent organs.
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lege of Virginia from 1930 to 1933, and at the Manhat-
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Amenorrhea : 12 cases came in for this symptom, 6 proved to
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