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called "bronchitis" before the real nature of the dis-

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I have before me, as I write, more or less detailed

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The mild fevers of this class have many features in common with

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people of the large, and crowded manufacturing towns; those of

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seems to have been obtained from large doses of the iodids.

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is usually higher, with a lower pulse rate and frequently a chill at

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tbe conGdencG of the crowd, and when certificates from persons unqua-

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through a town, or near sewers connecting miles of houses together, it

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the pneumococcus, but to the specific organism of the primary disease

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the results were very definite and used the vaccines in

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Bailhache, Preston H., surgeon, leave of absence for seven days

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would probably be found to operate in one of two ways, either

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eclampsia nutans rather than one of the class we are now considering.

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47. Waickus C: Oxidized LDL, atherosclerosis and antioxidants. Am

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tract, posterior to the optic chiasm, and most usually in

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more between the floor and the bottom of the barrel.

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rocedure rash, and had assured the patient of improvement

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fulfilment of the task in question, as our directions must always be in

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von Wahl's sign, and in spite of the high fever pronounces it to be a

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cesses of Sims and^ his followers instituted a popular

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in place during 1984 and 1985. These are operated by

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current in subinvolution of the uterus. It was the author's

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the question, nor examine those instances which may be quoted

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c. Dyspnoea, orthopnoea, asphyxia. The gasping and diflBcult res-

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Branch Councils the power of making their suggestions.

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state (Hertz). Chemically, the sputa have an alkaline reaction, and

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The amount of coke required in the brazier for' the first batch of

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Nowhere is the post hoc ergo propter hoc argument more overdone than

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to redden, and typical crumbly, greasy scales began to

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Rhinology, and Laryngology. Philadelphia, New York, and Chicago have contributed of their

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gards speech, either directly or with the assistance of exercises in speaking, elec-

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countenances of the two sexes. This we apprehend must be admitted ; for

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small and relatively short. The intellectual powers corres2:)ond to the

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my opportunity for studying its character was excellent.

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rule in cases of internal obstruction was to avoid purgatives, as

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whom the functions of these organs work healthily ; while in aged persons it is

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amination showed paralysis of the left abducens, slight myopia, left

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movements in the muscles below the cut on the opposite side of

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that is to say, very nearly one ton lifted through one foot. As the weight of

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bcutes are especially indicative if the patient be aiieemic- The alk^iM

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