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cortex will be found pale-pink in color, instead of

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prove inert, totally abortive, valueless in alleviating pain or pro-

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practicable and most effective is to reduce the infantile

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Contraindications: Renal diseases, and patient's sensitive to the drug. In

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cient to afford an opportunity to judge of the author's style and the gene-

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but thinks that it may be kept from America this year at

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- an animal furnish the only means of detection. The contraction of" the

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owths, and numerous later observations have but confirmed

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bathing, giving enemas, catheterizing, bandaging the

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described in the brains of criminals, are too few and too

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with cold sweat, and the patient dies from adynamia or from syncope.

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an unqualified success and superior as a social function to the usual

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fectious virus, are not communicable. On the other hand, certain dis-

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Ellington, A. J., Goldsboro, Columbia Univ., 1915 1915 1917

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the upper lip, in the mesial line, into the nostril, and likcAvise lifted

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to their etiology (lichen planus, pemphigus, psoriasis, " eczema " especially

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the loco plants. Of this number the larvae of WaXshia amorpheUa,

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the base of the wound there existed a slightly elevated circular

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relationship existing between them, briefly considered. The pathological

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day he was free from complaint, and rode on horseback three or four

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found enthusiastic supporters in France, and its use was

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cuss the disease had in reality only had experience

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diminution of urea. These are the most dangerous cases. On the

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V. Pettcnkofer's crucial question, which he put to rae, and

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have not yet had a case that I could satisfactorily examine. Apart from the

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already in the scrotum, was as liable to torsion as one

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as defectives. A slight defect in the structure of the brain which

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tage, though in no instance with complete success. Besides

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considerable deposits of fat about the exterior of the

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occur, the evidence becomes very strong in favor of the

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any evidence of degeneration in the gro-ni;h. I have seen cases in which

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paralysis is located, and remains stationary, in a few muscles or a group