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marked in acute rheumatism. This indicates that the constitutional infection

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liver or olive oil), or, instead of the oily solution, the phosphorus may be

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gratifying results will follow its coming year's work. The com-

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A * the chair of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the medical depart-

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of the uterus, with the characters it presents. — Medical and Surgical Reporter.

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at stake, all legitimate efforts are warranted. I do not believe,

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seems as the model of the good and true physician, and it is with affectionate

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attribute the coated tongue, bad breath, mental torpor, uncer-

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Rhymes " compiled by Dr. Erichsen, a review of which appeared

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deep red ; blood in subcutaneous and cutaneous vessels disposed

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the new institution without remuneration. This chair be

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8. No deposit could be detected in the pelvis. The first

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sternum becomes unusually prominent, giving the whole chest that shape

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in a strip of fascia. This surgeon has chiefly taken his

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external bleeding is less fatal and less abundant; primary

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caffeine, etc. ; a long interval should elapse before a change

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symptoms. If the young man had been found alone, in some

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for diagnostic names, but that we should search for a remedy

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copartnership with Dr. Joseph P. Paine at Boston Highlands.

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The author defines malaria as "an unknown poison of telluric

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and salivation, sometimes with palpitation of the heart. At other

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If errors and extravagances have crept in to render effects

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7. Dentition is the true multiple pregnancy in which the

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Bachelor of Philosophy. He then entered upon the study of biology

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to exist, when a couple of men ran down the steps of the house,

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elected president of the Medical Society of the State of New York.

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subject I have thus briefly treated ; and should I elicit a com-

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