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twenty-five per cent. Blood letting to the extent of forty


eleven. In none of these was diphtheria present at the

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from the proximity of inflammatory swelling. The abscess was

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organic disease of the valves may exist to a very great degree

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tice, turning over his patients to the care of a brother

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RofiERS — Merington. — In New Y'ork, on Saturday, Novem-

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nervous, and bilious temperaments (see "Temperaments,'^) possess

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go to school. If the child is an inmate of an orphan asylum or other

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Published Weekly. London : Honeyman. (Received regularly.)

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Her Majesty’s Public Record Office. Edited by H. C. Hamilton,

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when the peritoneum is invaded. Neither on palpation nor on per-

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creased, thus showing that after initiatory impulse starts

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large quantity of gas escaped. Small hitestines distended,

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alties of one year's imprisonment and even a sentence of death can be

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ment for bone spavin occurs. It is of the same character as

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infection do not correspond. As an illustration, let us take quoti-

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in this country, but it would appear that it is in great favor

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matters when found in large amount in the stomach of a dog which has

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Infectious Diseases, by Geo. M. Sternberg, M.D., LL.D., Surgeon-

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as to cutting it short ; but in palliating and conducting it through

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phenomena which result from the presence of any given morbid

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feeling it. An English gynircologist of distinction

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surroundings, with no great amount of fever. He is not going to

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Symptoms on Admission. — On admission, the amount of urine passed in twenty-

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with, exceptionless rules. They have missed the best

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Calydor Sanatorium, pleasantly located on Lake Muskoka,

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having the best of reputations, had in vain sought for employ-

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and anointing his limbs with oil." Shampooing (massage) was practised

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water on each occasion into a separate vessel. The great-

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stain purphsh. Occasionally a few more deeply stained granules

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