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tractions, in double cols, of 46 lines, each 8|-X2f, ruled and margined with brown crayon,

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be passed over. Again, many cases of chronic tubal nephritis,

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To Correspondents. — Dr. Little's article on Stramonium will appear

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sought for and corrected, but, especially in cases with marked

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texture thickened, with, perhaps, calcareous plaques and

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ence in colour. It does not dilate as readily, or to the same

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ii, 3 r°. has : Dr. Paxton's Essays on | Human body and y e disease. | Wiseman | Chirurgy | The

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fly-leaf (v 1(2) .), originally two, v, 1. cut off. Four paper fly-leaves (vi 4 .), vi, 3. made,

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ered a portion of it. It is not difficult to account for the low con-

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material. Every case should, therefore, be operated upon as

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respiration is much disturbed, physical exploration is unable to dis-

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rubrics and rubricated marginalia, paged in Arabic (1-84).

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tions. As read before the American Society of Dental Surgeons,

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been used by Dr. Wardsworth, with advantage in many cases,

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ing features of the case are wholly and palpably irreconcilable;

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by the Rev. Le Roy Sunderland, devoted to human physiology f

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List 2 or more ways to prevent or delay gum/teeth problems.

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ingly circumcised. This operation does not relieve the child's

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The seventeenth quire (of eight) is lost. Blanks are 1, 1 r°. ; 1, 2 v°. 11, 1. and 11, 8.

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sinking at once, indicates a largish area of sub-acute urethritis

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Dfn ibn 'All el Mutatayyib, who was in charge of the hospital at Amasiya when Prince Bayezid

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A well-marked case of general paralysis, with grandiose

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Ends (29, 2 r°. line 6) : christum dominum nostrum

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continuous, and of the two, intermittent dilatation is the