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delayed until the second or third in.iection. In the latter ease, the

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or some other part of the automobile, the neck is violently

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alimentary canal, as dysentery, hill diarrhoea, morning

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which are apparently absent in the majority of most se-

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1847, is, and has been from the beginning, a representative body

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Venturini, and Karamitsas. Tliat it was dissolved blood coloring-matter, or, in

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lent, a microscopical examination of skin was also made.

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R.A.M.C. (T.F.), Captain Hamilton Drummond, R.A.M.C. (T.F.), and Captain

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means so easy as it is described to be; that the anterior lij) may be

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lar transformation. Others have mentioned this occurrence. Itching of

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became but a gray spot. In connection with this observa-

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of cases. Large, well-ventilated rooms are indispensable. Diet

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might even be fatal in its consequences. It was very

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cells of Bowman's capsule swell up and desquamate. According to the

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In such cases, bloodletting and appropriate cathar-

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leaves, Gum arabic, &c. These are nothing more than diluents in com-

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most often broken ; but multiple fractures, involving many bones, may

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frequently felt in an exaggerated form, and for insufficient causes, by

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gusted the patient, and nothing could induce her to take any.

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few days with lint soaked in a strong solution of nitrate of silver or mercury, cold

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cirrhosis: he had preserved his stoutness, his face was neither earthy nor bronzed,

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every other symptom disappears. The breathing is also affected,

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was attached to the stomach, and the two limbs were ad-

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provided those in attendance are in their seats promptly

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which dilate on his being shaken, without any return

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length, was observed. One of the large branches of a

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building of a new structure. This royal donation was

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The collection of vrater is probably the primaiy disease, the incom-

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nations, they are allowed credit for a Course if they have been

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end of three weeks. This fact establishes, he holds, a new

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one feels inclined to admit his primary contention,

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points to the disease, but it is by no means uniformly present.

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and tumours of the cord ; with the pathology and symptoms of these afi'ections

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1. Some Remarks on the Report of Opitz on the Automatic

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Let us briefly go over the symptoms of aneurism and

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occurring after amputation, all of which terminated

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Medicine ; a Guide to the Knowledge of the DiscriminatioQ

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foot; the latter was, however, not cold, and the wound in the thigh looked well.

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so-called abdominal symptom). In most instances it is not severe until greatly

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Often more than one kind of lesion is present. The follow-

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injected conjunctiva\ the swollen eyelids, the bloated and flabby or pallid a:}-:

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Dr. Alex. Buchanan of Xew York county, an Original Fellow.