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Two methods of treatment have still to be mentioned — metallotherapy and
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very soon from general exhaustion and cardiac failure.
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guished from genuine progressive bulbar paralysis chiefly by the course it pur-
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George G. Hallenbeck, M.D., Clinical Associate in Medicine.
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ternal capsule, the crus, or the pons), by which disease
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megaly a tumor of the hypophysis cerebri develops, which presses directly on
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of the skull. AYe should always, therefore, take into consideration the intel-
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Students, not members of the Anatomical Class, may dissect on pay-
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and may be admitted to the general examinations for the grade to which
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of gravity forward also, and the trunk cannot be sufficiently bent backward,
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cases, jaundice, cyanosis, dyspnoea, and diarrhea. Nephritis. Methemoglobin
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symptom is slowly added to another, also give further ground for the opinion
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slow pulse show increased arterial tension. In such a case, if the patient
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ease may sometimes follow one another, so that the whole duration of the
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Hyperostosis Cranii. — This is an enlargement of the cranium, beginning
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a cost of about £300; this, too, as a resident member of a College
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by the eager strife of parties; or in those artists and scholars whose never
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put 'pants -pauuo^ aut sucnueo asaqx -sui^aeD'aMo' [[by .0 umo^ ua^Sir (T)
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vention, is almost always fatal. Recovery is not impossible, but it has been
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(13) wny snould a product record *:ook ho maintained?
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practice, £3 3s. ; perpetual, £5 58. The Great Ormond-street Hoe-
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on the candidate after the usual oral examination. Should the candi-
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(Edema of the subcutaneous cellular tissue may occur independently of
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or to adore Satan. The delusions take on a persecutory type, but the re-
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Thus, the clinical picture presented by diabetes may be modified by the general
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(c) T*«j Indicating tt»rmoB«ters - a long s*«am thermometer and an air-
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extension of the entire foot occurs. This phenomenon is explained by" the
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AiialjBia- there will also be pzaotioal examlnationB in the other eabjeote) and
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nilnts for the product being procured before he performs an 1n-pr<K:ess Iftspectioni The