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be simple or compound ; may vary in size &om that of a marble up to a

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auditory apparatus. At the end of the book there is a short account of

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ever a duodenal kink became active. Same posture as in Fig. 1.

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sistence in the various layers, its superficial surface especially

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p ..It t'l erutihi-. .1 S,i\r(.-"- .ipp.iiMtu- i- -ub-tituu-d 'llie b.».t -hmild i^t-

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hours of life. (5) There is no evidence to support the- theory advanced by

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faeces. She was treated with enemata and morphia, and

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tional gastric analysis, and demonstrated how the various

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and show that the two galvanometers are of about equal sensitiveness ; the

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Association has been changed to Sept. 15-18 in order to allow

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Neck : In two cases there were contractures of the sternocleido-

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the urethra demonstrate in various ways the poisonous

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should not use alcohol is, that he has no means for know-

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that the cavities in his lungs were thoroughly healed. One

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as an alternative to "no leasing." The legal subdivision and

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dropsical effusion contains little albumen, fibrine or cell forms,

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about sixty years of age, was, in the year 1795, affected with a dimi-

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As far as we can see these comprise all the invertebrates that can

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references in them to our columns, whether to the original or editorial

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enteritis and dysentery — at least, in some instances, at their com-

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for compounding material remedies having more or less

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sidered that the changes which bodies experience after death throw a

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bottle was attached to his nose and that if it was broken, it would let all

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nidus for the growth of bacteria possibly derived from

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disease, common as each feature is. It has shown also that the attacks

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posing the foregoing anatomical systems. As regards clinical history,

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in a little water every ten minutes till free vomiting

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vertebral cartilages elongate very perceptibly, and the ribs are pulled

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the current was strong enough to set the dog into an

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of the state of distension of the ventricles. If the heart is well filled it

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and because he believed the full knowledge of the situa-

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probable explanation is that, in these acute cases, cii-cumscribed peritonitis

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such influences. Further, it is obvious that when the syn^toms dapeod.

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317.— Bitzos (G.) Un cas rare de paralysie des muscles

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lesions were produced by the two types under consid-

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observed that they were botanists in the more scientific sense, rather

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clinical examination of those children with cyclic albuminuria by

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received by the first two ; finally, twenty hours after the

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It had been found that the greater proportion of cases had oc-

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419—121. — JTIcC'ann (J.) Clinical observations on the

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Read before the Academy of Medicine of Cleveland, April 20, 1906

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orals) prepared me well for the oral demands coming in these clinical years.